Born in a city once called Bangalore in India, I'm a staunch advocate for animal rights and I've been a vegan since I watched a documentary called The Earthlings and went on a three day buddhist meditation retreat when I was 18. In 2017, my partner and I packed up our lives in Bangalore to travel indefinitely. As a photographer and videographer, I have always documented my adventures and here I shall share them with you all every step of they way. 

--Faiza; 2018

I was born and raised in the California bay area. I decided to move abroad in search of a different life in the summer of 2011. That was one of the best decisions in my life. I've lived in Helsinki, Hamburg, Gothenburg, and Bangalore--where I met Faiza. Travel has been a perpetual force of good in my life. It has helped me cross chasm between where I came from and the bigger beautiful global experience. 

--Adam; 2018


Society provides all of us with a script: go to school, get a job, get married, make more humans, and carry on for the rest of your days. You're marching along (willingly or grudgingly) to the script's next act. There's another option: Throw script in the bin and write your own.

We wrote our own scripts by moving abroad. That doesn't just cut  up the script, it's the nuclear option. Moving abroad changed our lives for the better. We wrote a script for the life we wanted: nomadic, mindful and location independent.

Escape Route is our way of sharing our path and experiences with you. Expect to find travel tips, reviews, plenty of photos, local features, and notes on a life abroad. Your goal is help you build the escape route to the life you want.

This blog is about our escape route and the goal is to share our transformative experiences in the hope that it aids you in your personal escape route.