Postcards from Vietnam

This project was inspired by the colour, sound and energy—dare I say vibe of the floating markets of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The grains and undertones of these presets give you timeless postcard style images. 

Postcards from Vietnam are a set of nine artistic and moody filters that you can add to images on Adobe Lightroom CC desktop or phone.

Created for amateur to professional level photographers that use Adobe Lightroom CC.

These presets work best on high contrast journalistic or documentary style landscape images.

Presets range from a vibrant warm to subtle cool highlights all whilst adding moody muted undertones.  

They make perfect vacation postcards.

The package includes: 9 presets, a help file and 9 sample images. 



Mekong Delta captures the delta's muted colours seconds before the first light. It works best on landscape images with dark greens and more shadow than highlight. 


This is my go-to preset for everything. It captures an old school Vietnam: rustic and raw. Muted undertones amplifies the texture and sunset mood. 


This preset reproduces the rays of sunset reflecting off the shimmering river. It mimics the delta's warm vibrant sun against the cool blue sky.


Hoi An is one of the more stylised ones in the collection. The brown shadows enrich wooden boats while muting clashing colours. 



This is my favourite of the 3 muted presets. It works best on images taken on an overcast day, when flat lighting is not being your friend. Red is a bold accent colour here taking it to the next level.


This filter is unapologeticly pumps up the saturation of the sunset. It brings more light and depth into the shadows that are otherwise under exposed.   


Another go-to preset. Customise the saturation settings to your liking. 


This preset is incredibly versatile. The yellow highlight creates a Vietnamese morning breeze atmosphere. Yellow mid-tones warm up the space.


The indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade before sunrise and after sunset. To put it simply, SaigonBluehour is a gorgeous subdued blue filter.