Vegan Cooking Class

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Basanta Agro Organic Restaurant

For anyone interested in learning how to cook a traditional Indonesian three course meal, make sure to book this class a day in advance. The kitchen was set up outdoors and I would highly recommend learning how to prepare pepes, It's this fragrant tofu-oyster mushroom mixture thats grilled in a banana leaf. Adam and I were obsessed with these little parcels of deliciousness, we could have had twenty of them that day. The chef couldn't speak english but there was a translator around who would also help with the clean up. We made a healthy turmeric-ginger drink, a simple avocado salad, those fucking amazing pepes, a coconut vegetable stew with rice and a dessert made of bananas and jaggery. My only complain about this class were the tools that were provided, I was given a dull knife and they didn't have a fast peeler. The class is a pricey 650k IDR per person which in my opinion is steep, but then again organic vegan cooking classes are hard to come by.

Bali's commercial streets are tailored for tourists, they have done an excellent job at it. Avocado in everything, the words- vegan, gluten-free and locally sourced are now in most restaurant menus. Adverts for cooking classes are common with posters looking practically the same throughout, the token caucasian women holding up plates of food probably shot on a phone. Although it doesn't speak to the quality of the cooking class, it just didn't cut it for me. 

Basanta agro organics was recommended to us by a chef working at our villa. He kindly offered to take us there and stayed till we finished our meal. They took us on a mini tour of their estate and showed us the luwak cages and how coffee was processed from their excretions. This clashed with my vegan ethics so we quickly moved on. They served twenty free coffee and tea samplers, if you are vegan, make sure to tell them to replace the honey. They were delicious, coconut coffee was the best and we purchased some on our way out.